Ralston Crawford, “The Artist’s Eye”

In conjunction with an extensive retrospective last year, the University of Wyoming produced an excellent video on Ralston Crawford.

Best known for his painting, Crawford worked extensively in other media, including prints, photography, and, notably film. The University of Wyoming Art Museum has given new strength to the thesis that the painting alone is just a small piece of the artist’s vision: a full view of his oeuvre includes the various media playing off one another. The artist moved back and forth between print, photo, and canvas, shifting and addressing his practice to embrace movement, texture, form and color attributes of each. While these hybrid concerns were present from the early 1930s forward, exhibitions have historically failed to present this multifaceted work. Galleries have often lacked the space and resources, while museums’ compartmentalization of photography and painting and film departments have made the task a sysiphean effort. The University of Wyoming addressed this by running three exhibitions simultaneously, and produced video to help capture the interplay.

This video includes an interview with one of the artist’s sons, Neelon Crawford, speaking about some of this intricate interplay.

Produced by Rachel Miller, Nicole Crawford, Susan Moldenhauer, and Ali Grossman. All artworks copyright © 2015 The Estate of Ralston Crawford, video is copyright © 2015 UW Television for the University of Wyoming Art Museum.

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